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Live Cell Imaging Cellgraph AB-3000B Cellgraph
Cellgraph is an imaging system to detect low-level light emission in a single living cell by using a highly sensitive EM-CCD camera.
Product NumberAB-3000B
Product NameCellgraph
Cooled CCD CameraCCD type: Back-illuminated EMCCD
Active pixel: 512 x 512 pixel
Pixel size: 16 x 16μm
AD Resolution: 14/16 bit
Cooling temperature:
-80°C with an air-cooling system when the air temperature is 25°C, -90°C with a water-cooling system*
(when the water temperature is 25°C)
-85°C with an air-cooling system when the air temperature is 20°C, -100°C with a water-cooling system*
(when the water temperature is 16°C)
*The water-cooling unit is provided as an optional accessory.
Objective Lens4x (NA 0.53) (Other magnification lenses are also available as optional accessories)
StageX-Y-Z axis manual stage, Z-axis motorized stage
Culture dish35mm culture dish
Constant temperature function(Room temperature +5°C) to 45°C, 0.1°C step
LightingWhite LED with dimming function Blue LED with dimming function
Optical FilterUp to three filters can be set (525LP/560 LP/620 LP are standard equipment)
Exposure time30 milliseconds to 90 minutes
Imaging intervalIndefinite
Control softwareOS:Windows 7/Vista/XP
System requirementRAM: 1 GB or more (512 MB or more for XP)
 Hard Drive: 30 GB or more free disk space required
 Interface: Full size PCI slot x1, serial port x1, USB port x1
Power (main body)AC100-240V  106VA (varies according to the components of the whole system)
Dimensions (main body)430 mm (W) x 600 mm (D) x 650 mm (H)
Weight (main body)Approx. 40kg
Optional Accessories
CCD camera water-cooling unitConstant-temperature water circulating system, heat-resistant tube for circulation
CO 2 gas injection unitCO 2 gas-mixer
CO 2 gas humidifying unitBubbling system for gas humidification
Perfusion culture chamber unitChamber for perfusion
Objective lenses2x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
Kronos Dio AB-2550
A luminometer for real-time reporter assay with 8 dish incubator and multicolor measurement system

     Kronos Dio(AB-2550) is a luminometer for detecting bioluminescence in living cells and tissues by PMT. It is available to control temperature and CO 2 gas concentration inside Kronos Dio such as an incubator for cell & tissue culturing. Besides Kronos Dio gives superior performance for multi-color assay, which can detect different colors of luminescence up to three in the same time by internal optical filtering system. Kronos Dio is performing to detect high sensitivity for dim and weak luminescence consecutively in culture samples such as cells and tissues in 35mm culture dishes for a long time. Therefore, it is not required to prepare several samples for measuring each time point to chase alteration in chronologic bioluminescence. In this way, it is very reasonable and convenient against conventional way and method in terms of saving time, accuracy and efficiency.
Product NumberAB-2550
Product NameKronos Dio
Container Culture dish, diameter 35 mm
Number of samples 8
Temperature control Peltier device and forced air circulation
Temperature range in Kronos Dio incubator  From room temperature – 5°C to 45°C  in increments of 1°C
(Lowest temp.; 20°C )
Temperature control accuracy in Kronos Dio incubator ±0.5ºC  under room temperature of 25°C
Detector Photomultiplier tube (PMT)
Measurement methodPhoton counting method with a photomultiplier tube
Detectable range of wavelength350 nm to 670 nm
Measurement time 1 to 60 seconds in increments of 1 second
1 to 60 minutes in increments of 1 minute 
Measurement interval From less than 1 minutes, which depends on time required for eight samples, to 300 minutes in increments of 1 minute
Optical long pass filter F0: No filter  (whole wavelength)
F1: O56 filter  (cutoff wavelength: less than 560 nm ± 5 nm)
F2: R62 filter  (cutoff wavelength: less than 620 mm ± 5 nm)
Color separationMeasurement with automatically selected optical filter up to three colors
CO 2 gas precision regulator Maximum inlet pressure: 1 MPa
Pressure range: 0.007 to 0.07 MPa
CO 2 gas controller Electromagnetic valve
Inlet pressure: -27 to 100 kPa
Outlet pressure: 0 to 50 kPa
CO 2 gas sensor Measurement range: 0 to 20% CO 2   (±0.1%)
PC environmental requirements OS: Windows XP/Vista/7  (32-bit version)
Recommended memory: more than 2GB
HD: Free space of 1 GB or more
CommunicationUSB (Version 1.1) interface
PowerAC100-230V 50/60Hz 110W
Dimensions280(W) × 400(D) × 330(H) mm
Weight16.0 kg
Phelios AB-2350

A microplate type luminometer with multi-color detection system

Phelios(AB-2350) is a microplate luminometer to measure multi samples with high efficiency of light detection. Phelios is available to measure diverse wavelength of bioluminescence from 400 to 670nm in 96,384 well microplate. It achieves high sensitivity with added and extremely desired optical system for efficiency of bioluminescent detection in low noise photo counting. Besides,it accomplishes high reproducible measurement by internal temperature controller and accurate pump in repeated injection. Moreover,even in case of different multi-colors generation, it is available to measure the samples respectively by dedicated automatic filtering function.
Product NumberAB-2350
Product NamePHELIOS
Sample format96/384 well plate format
DetectorPhotomultiplier (PMT)
Photon counting methods
Spectral range350 - 670 nm
FiltersF0: no filter, F1: 560nm LP, F2: 600nm LP
Color separationUp to three luminescence colors can be separated with automatic filter change mechanism
InjectorsBuilt-in plunger type 
96 well: 20 to 250 uL
384 well: 20 to 100 uL
Additional pump system (optional, available for only 96 well plate)
Temperature controlAmbient +5°C - 40°C 
Counting times:96 well 1 to 1200 sec, 384 well 1 to 600 sec
Power100-240V 50/60Hz 100VA 
Dimensions398 (W) × 460 (D) × 286 (H) mm
Weight16.5 kg
Standard Accessories:PHELIOS (Built in one pump), Control Software (Windows), USB cable, AC cable, Manual
Code No. 3511150AB-2020M PHELIOS (Phelios equipped with dual pump system)
Code No. 3511068Single-side and double-side fitting tube
Luminescencer Octa AB-2270
Luminescencer Octa AB-2270:Single-tube type luminometer with multi-color detection system

AA personal single-tube type luminometer with built-in a multicolor assay detection system. A compact size of main unit built-in a printer and an injection pump. Easy to operate and applicable to various types of analysis such as ATP assay, measurement of superoxide, antioxidative activity, chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay, luciferase assay including multi-reporter assay using multiple luminescence reagents, etc.
Product NumberAB-2270AB-2270-R
Product NameLuminescencer OctaLuminescencer Octa
Sample formatφ12×55 mm tubes / 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tubes
DetectorPhotomultiplier (PMT)
Photon counting methods
Spectral range350~670 nm
FiltersF0: no filter, F1: 560nm LP, F2: 600nm LP
Color separationUp to three luminescence colors can be separated with automatic filter change mechanism
InjectorsBuilt-in plunger type (25 - 300 μL) 25 μL steps 
PrinterBuilt-in thermal printer 24 digits
Temperature control
(Optional equipment) 
Ambient +5°C - 40°C 
Data saving200 files of measurement results, 9 files of calibration curve
Exporting and data saving to PC through Windows interface program
PowerAC 100-120 or 200-240 V, 50/60Hz, 50 VA
Dimensions250(W)×310(D)×176(H) mm
Weight 7.5 kg7.0Kg

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