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Gene Q compact Thermal Cycler
Life ECO gene amplification instrument is 2013 following the Life Touch after the company and see a cost-effective products.
This new film adhering to the technical features of TC series consistent, using advanced thermoelectric refrigeration technology and new TAS technology, make the overall performance to a new height: more high temperature control precision, temperature rise faster, more uniform temperature profile module, smaller volume, operating environment is more static. The grace of functionally gradient not only has 30 DEG C, can be used to optimize the experimental conditions, meet the most demanding needs of, at the same time, the continuation of the Life Touch's "USB" function, leading the global PCR industry products fashion. On the basis of LifeTouch, LifeECO replacement for the higher price of 5.7 inches of LCD color touch screen, the display and convenient operation and direct.
Gene Max
GeneMax adhering to the semiconductor refrigeration piece FERROTEC R & D, manufacturing and application ability, performance and function of the instrument has reached a new height, perfect optimization can realize the annealing temperature. The instrument uses 10.4 inches large LCD touch screen, man-machine interaction more convenient. Using ARM9 processor and ThreadX system, high efficiency, stable. It is the first launch of the heavy gold module, temperature more superior performance at the same time with the Bluetooth signal switching device, wireless connection can realize instrument and computer.
Gene Touch

Touchscreen Thermocycler

 Large touchscreen LCD

Line Gene K Real-Time PCR

      Real-time PCR detection system is a thermal cycler, which is programmable, rapid temperature changeable, accurately temperature controllable and can automatically record and analyze the data after amplification. It’s an absolutely necessarily testing instrument in life science research, teaching and clinic diagnosis. Comparing to ELISA method, Real-time PCR has the advantages of fast, precise, sensitive and so on. It has been widely used in fields of clinic, research, teaching, food quarantine, disease prevention etc. LineGene series Real-time PCR detection system was developed and manufactured by Bioer Technology Co., Ltd., which was the first Real-time PCR system basing on Peltier technology in China. And then, it is also the first Real-time PCR detection system registered and proved in SFDA (State Food and Drug Administration) with full independent intellectual property rights. Moreover, it received state invention patent in 2001(Patent No. ZL01116421.2).

  • LineGene K is the newest system in bioer's range of PCR Detection Systems. It features more advanced implementations of peltier and fiber optic technology and a new direct current power system.

Line Gene 9600
    LineGene 9600 is Bioer technology fluorescence quantitative PCR detection system of the new products. Based on our LineGene family consistent excellent quality, LineGene 9600 to offer you a larger sample size, detection channel more and more wide temperature range.

Different from other LineGene family models, model module radiating the patent technology and the bottom of the one and only detect patent gives temperature rate, LineGene 9600 faster temperature accuracy, uniformity and stability of temperature. LineGene 9600 has a large sample size of up to 96 samples and the ultrafast two-color scanning speed. And a new design of up to eight channels of the LineGene 9600 covering the wavelength range of fluorescence detection of all.



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