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Supercritical Fluid Technology:

 (1) Supercritical fluid technology (SCF)

(A) supercritical fluid 

◆ definition: 
Usually only have a material gas, solid, liquid three-phase, the so-called "supercritical fluid" is the means: When the fluid temperature and pressure to achieve a "specific points", gas, liquid two-phase of the same density tended to , And merged into one uniform of the state, such a "specific points" of the fluid is called the critical point. When one of the fluid temperature and pressure are beyond the critical point to achieve the super-critical state, at this time of the fluid that is defined as overweight supercritical fluid \'. 

◆ characteristics: 
Once the material into the supercritical fluid state, showed that between liquid and gaseous between the stability and special phase, can not be entirely classified as a liquid or gas of the areas, but also have the characteristics of the two substances. On the one hand, that is, with low surface tension, Di Nianduo, and the proliferation of high gas properties, on the other hand, but also has high dissolved, and high density of the liquid, therefore, particularly in control of the solvents like characteristics, making it a Organic and water-based solvents of the best environmental alternatives.

(2)SCCO2(Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

◆Why carbon dioxide application » 

Basically, a variety of gases, including water can be as supercritical fluid medium but on the CO2 is the most commonly used. CO2 is mainly due to close at room temperature and normal atmospheric pressure conditions, can easily reach supercritical control point, therefore, become carbon dioxide supercritical fluid technology use the best medium.

※ temporary sector to trade in points (critical pressure Pc = 73.8bar, critical temperature Tc = 31.1 ℃) 
※ trading on the acquisition, to facilitate cost, safe! 
※ non-toxic, colorless, odorless, is not Ranxing, does not have a photochemical reaction 
※ on the environment-friendly (not damage the ozone layer, does not produce smoke) 
※ power can be dissolved with the temperature and pressure conditions and changes in control 
※ trading on the use of recycling.


◆Supercritical carbon dioxide application advantages: 

※ 3 S comply with environmental standards 
Reduce-energy conservation and reduce pollution; Reuse-repeated, repeated use; Recycle-sustainable resources, recycling. 

※ inexhaustible 
Carbon dioxide is in fact industrial by-products, such as the fermentation industry, the petrochemical industry in the process will have a high concentration of carbon dioxide, the collection of purified, liquefied compressed can be stored after use. To facilitate the cost can be substantial acquisition, will not be limited petrochemical energy crisis. 

※ environmental systems and material existence, the environment without interference 
Carbon dioxide in the natural world everywhere, beverages, soft drinks and human metabolism is natural there are, do not damage the environment heterogeneity of intrusive interference. Will not adversely affect the environment environmental waste. 

※ sterile and can inhibit bacterial growth 

※ non-toxic, safe 
Is not Ranxing, no explosive, non-corrosive, chemical stability, non-toxic; does not need to meet fire, explosion or anti-corrosion of special protective equipment. 

※ low temperature, room temperature operation, the broad scope of application 
31.1 ℃ temperature temporary sector, so the selective application of the substantial increase in solute and can not avoid the objects of high temperature heat damage. 

※ 95% more CO2 recovery 
Very easily and can be completely separate and solute, the solute and solvent that is easy to accept, without question residual reserves. 

※ breakthrough low temperature extraction technology
Can be conducted at low temperature extraction, will not damage the heat sensitive material. 

※ replace the traditional high pollution wet process 
Optoelectronic semiconductor industry including the process of photoresist coating, developing and etching, photoresist stripping, cleaning, drying, metal deposition, etc., can be found in liquid or supercritical CO2 in the media complete, as a revolutionary production of green technology . The future, supercritical CO2 technology will be great potential, take into account environmental, cost and technical advantages, in the semiconductor industry technology to become widespread. However, supercritical fluid in the semiconductor industry is not limited to this application, such as supercritical water oxidation (SCWO) technology in toxic emissions / waste water treatment, liquid CO2 dry cleaning dust-free clothing, etc., there are unlimited potential and applications to be developed. 

◆ applications: 

1. Cleansing: 
Supercritical CO2 cleaning method is suitable for cleaning precision, tiny, tiny holes, the complex geometry of the workpiece, the supercritical CO2 low surface tension, making it easy to infiltrate into the nano-deep hole, slit, to hide After the dissolution of the dirt out, because under normal pressure at normal temperature gaseous CO2 to exist, it would not have finished cleaning residual phenomenon, a dry cleaning process. 
2. Extract: 
Supercritical CO2 extraction apply to all kinds of herbs, functional foods and extraction of essential oils and other products.
3. Sterilization: 
Carbon dioxide gas can inhibit bacterial growth results, and supercritical CO2 permeable through the bacterial cell wall, and water with a low pH of carbonated, blocking the bacterial metabolism and death. Therefore supercritical CO2 cleaning method has been used to clean the space with satellites or landing craft and other components, to ensure no body was taken to outer space life. In addition, not suitable for high-temperature sterilization of biodegradable materials and medical equipment such as endoscopy, the pacemaker, hemodialysis tubes, urinary catheter, the human implants, and so on, can by supercritical CO2 cleaning and washing at the same time sterilization The purpose of the net. 
4. Stain: 

use of supercritical carbon dioxide fluid dyes into fiber will achieve the purpose of staining.

 Ultrasonic extraction

When the ultrasonic is propagating in the extracted liquid, the ordered and high-speed ultrasonic vibration will result in cavitations bubbles in a solvent material. When these bubbles collapse near the cell walls, the resulting shock waves and liquid jets cause those cells walls to break and release their contents into a solvent.

Ultrasonic extraction technology can reduces processing time and solvent use, thus to obtain higher extraction rate and more healthy extract. This is due to the characteristics of its operated at low temperature both to reduce heat loss caused by temperature factors, but also to avoid the vaporization of substances due to low boiling point and also to maintain biological active substances. High ultrasonic frequency also makes high penetration which facilitates the adhesion and mixture between extracted liquids and increases extraction efficiency.

Molecule Activating Features
Ultrasonic cavitations bubbles can also make molecule smaller and more active. During the ultrasonic molecule activation, a molecular group can reduce the Hz value in a short period of time, means smaller number of molecular links and shorter connection length, which further brings higher permeability, higher solubility, and increased oxygen level. Human body can absorb nutrients and speeds up metabolism with this kind of smaller molecule group.

Scope of Application
In recent years, with public attention turning to LOHAS Life, people are more interested in discovering and developing new Chinese medicinal herbal products from natural. They extract all kinds of substances, such as alkaloids, polysaccharides, proteins, chlorophyll and other biologically active substances from a variety of herbs, organic plants ... and so on. Ultrasonic low temperature extraction offers the extract without chemical solvent, keep bioactive substances, smaller and highly absorbable molecule to human body.

The main ultrasonic extraction applications are in making herbal cosmetics, Kampo skin care products, botanical extracts, health foods, Chinese herbal medicine, anti-cancer drug. They are used widely in medical pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology.

Kampo Biotechnology : 
Kampo herbal medicine, Kampo cosmetic, Kampo Lotion , Kampo Skin care, Kampo Hair Care

Alternative and preventive medicine:
Chinese herbal medicine, anti-cancer drug, botanical extracts

Collagen, polysaccharides, natural pigment: anthocyanins, chlorophyll, Sorghum Red Pigment..


Ultrasonic Extraction Cases



Single-ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

Semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

List of machine guns washing machine:

Electroplating, electrolysis equipment:

Solvent-based ultrasonic cleaner equipment:

2 Appliance

Ultrasound machines: Domestic appliance manufacturers, such as Sharp, East yuan, and have produced ultrasound machines. Its use of ultrasound in the water empty effect, the laundry detergent in the water full of vibration effects, effective cleaning of clothing.

Mutil- Cleaning machine: the market can see a wide range of small household washing machine, which is mainly used to wash glasses, jewelry, CD, DVD films, such as metal strap .. small items. Can enjoy the situation by adding a small amount of detergent can enhance cleaning effect.

Used kitchen washing machine: major cleaning all kinds of commonly used cleaning knife and fork difficult corner.

Dentures, braces for washing machines: small specialized cleaning dentures ultrasound, which is compatible with commercial cleaning spindles (agents) better results。


3 Medicine 

Xiya ultrasound machine:

Ultrasound used in dental treatment is started to remove calculus amalgam filling. Frequency of 40 KHz to 25 commonly used sophisticated vibration displacement of the largest 100 um, and the use of high-speed micro-vibration remove tartar, and will not harm the teeth over quality, less pain efficient treatment.



Respiratory drug aerosol machine:

Use of ultrasonic atomization of liquids, syrups labeled as a small water molecules, then use small fan will be atomized syrup blow mechanical external elements to patients by mouth, nose Xidao respiratory tract or lungs, so as to effectively treatment.



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